Coir doormats – What are they? Why do your home need them?

A welcome mat can be the first impression that people get about your home and your house. Your welcome mat matters.

Your doormat is a way to tell your visitors a lot. Your values should be reflected in the design and materials of your doormat. Coir doormats make a great choice for homeowners who value aesthetics, style and environmentalism.

What is the purpose of a coir mat? What are the benefits and what message is a coir welcoming mat sending to your visitors?

Find out more by reading on.

What is coir and how does it work?

Coir is the name for the natural fibers in the coconut pulp. Coir fibers are formed from the material found between the outer shell (hard inner shell) of the coconut.

Coir is obtained from the mesocarp. Coir fibres can come in brown or a white color. Coir fibres of brown color, which are derived from ripe coconuts and are stronger but more flexible, are called brown coir. Young coconuts provide the best coir fibres, which are white and golden. They are less durable than other fibres, but they are finer and more flexible.

What is a coir doormat anyway?

A coconut-coir mat is made using coir fibres, which have been transformed into yarn. After harvesting, you can separate the coconut husk from the hard outer shell that contains the nuts.

The husk will then be dried in either water or brine. This curing process promotes natural bacteria growth. These microbes are responsible for releasing the raw coir and breaking down the husk.

Next, the raw cereal is beaten to loosen the fibers. The workers then sort the cured fibres according to size and spin them into yarn. The final step in production is using a weaver to make the yarn into the coir carpet you place outside your home.

What are the benefits of a coir doormat?

Research on consumer behavior reveals that hallways, entryways and other areas are the most important decoration choices for homeowners.

A high-quality, coir custom logo rugs  can be both attractive and functional. It is also a great choice for your house.


Coir doormats offer a sophisticated, natural option. They look great in many home styles, from rustic to contemporary to traditional.

Coir mats are loved by many homeowners for their natural beauty. However, you have the option to personalize your coir-mat according to your design preferences.

Coir mats are available in many sizes, patterns, designs and colors. There are many options for a “welcome” mat. However, we offer a range of coir tiles that can enhance any entryway.

Coir at the doors: Welcoming guests in style, safety and sustainability

The right mat conveys a welcoming message and introduces your visitors to the values and beliefs that are part of your home. A coir mat is the ideal doormat for guests who value style as well safety and sustainability.

As you examine your options, trust us to answer all of your questions and provide high quality doormats. Contact us for assistance or to order today.