Top Reasons HVAC Maintenance is Critical

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is that they invest in an HVAC system, but don’t indulge in its proper upkeep. An HVAC system is no different than a car; it needs proper maintenance and care for functioning correctly. If an HVAC system works properly, it will keep your home cool or snug for many years to come. Listed below are the top reasons why HVAC maintenance is critical:

  • Reduce utility bills

Keeping your utility bills under control is the main reason households should keep their HVAC units well-maintained. When an HVAC unit is functioning efficiently and your home is properly insulated, you will have to spend less on heating, electricity and cooling costs.

  • Healthy air

Not only does a properly functioning HVAC unit keep your home fresh and cozy, it also limits problems with air quality. Cleaner coils and filters lead to better breathing for the whole household. Unmaintained HVAC units are a magnet for mold, dirt, bacteria and numerous other pathogens that can worsen respiratory problems for those living in the home. Therefore, HVAC maintenance shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  • Longevity

The more maintenance you do of your HVAC unit, the longer it will last and will also be able to perform better when heating or cooling your home. Considering the huge amount of money people spend on an HVAC unit, it makes sense that they would want to keep it operating for a number of years to come.

  • Efficiency

It is a given that a more efficient HVAC system will cost you a lot less to run. Unmaintained or dirty units need 20% more energy for generating the same level of heating or cooling as a perfectly maintained AC unit. The wear and tear on the units is reduced when less energy is used and this results in less stress on the unit’s components.

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