Arnon Dror Creo Americas – Establish Your Lucrative Business with SBA Loans

Arnon Dror is a very successful businessman and a popular name in the financial world. This business administration masters graduate has 20 years of valuable experience under his belt. He also has the distinction of working as a Vice-President in many corporate enterprises. These international organizations include Xerox, Presstek, Creo Americas, Scitex, Kodak and Creo Inc. The officials of these establishments praise him for his decisive leadership qualities and result-oriented approach. They even say he has impressive track-record in the area of corporate reconstruction. Even his colleagues consider him to be a specialist in many diverse fields. These include cash flow management, business negotiations, ERP integration, internal controls, international taxation, and corporate mergers.

Arnon Dror Creo Americas – Is worthwhile for start-up entrepreneurs to apply for SBA loans?

This financial expert explains that start-up entrepreneurs normally have serious doubts about opting for commercial loans. No one can blame them for having this mindset. After all, these funds are very hard to obtain. The lenders offering this mode of finance generally lay down a very stringent eligibility criterion. On top of this, they ask for collateral from these businessmen before giving out the money. They take such a step to protect their business interests from unnecessary risks. Complying with such requirements is always a tall order for these aspiring entrepreneurs. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

This specialist further says governments of the world are always looking to expand employment opportunities in their countries. The officials occupying the White House are no different. They encourage young start-up entrepreneurs to establish their businesses to achieve this objective. They even provide with the necessary finance in the form of SBA loans. These businessmen just need to read about the Arnon Dror Creo Americas tenure on the internet. They’ll come to know more about such funds. He goes on to point out the 2 important advantages of this mode of finance:

  1. Comparatively low-interest rate

The prevailing interest rates are a major source of concern for start-up entrepreneurs availing commercial loans. These businessmen need to sure they can generate enough revenue to cover such costs. Only then are such funds worthwhile. It may come to a shock to many of these proprietors to know an important fact.  SBA loans are available to them at comparative very low-interest rates. These proprietors just need to prove to their lenders that they have above average creditworthiness. They may have to produce other relevant documents. Such paperwork could relate to the viability of their business plans, experience, and qualifications.

  1. Capital availability

Start-up entrepreneurs don’t have to run from the pillar to the post to obtain SBA loans. As long as these businessmen fulfill the necessary requirement, they avail such funds instantly. In many cases, they can get as much as 90 % of the amount they ask for. This is a far cry from traditional commercial loans which banks offer.

SBA loans are a boon for start-up entrepreneurs. They just got to look at the above 2 important advantages to know the truth of this fact. These proprietors can even browse through the Arnon Dror international profile on the internet. It can clear any further doubts they may have on this issue. They won’t regret making such a decision.


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