Best Business Credit Cards – Separate From Your Personal Credit

Finding the best business credit cards is all about what is current and happening right now. Many people may think they are offering you good advice because they worked in business for 20 years, but retired five years ago. Many times, their advice is no longer valid in many aspects of current business because so much has changed from five years ago in the business lending environment. Even six months can make a difference in the world of business and the best routes to take. For example, many people who worked in business might suggest that you go to Bank of America for unsecured business loans of credit if you are trying to get a new business started. This is only a valid option now if you have an established business that can show income verification from the past two years or more.At this particular time, there are banks you can expect the top corporate credit cards from, but they could change again. That is why it is important that when receiving guidance on the topic that you work with someone who is in the current world of business, out there working for a living right next to you.Furthermore, when you obtain a current list of banks and lenders, do not simply apply to everything out of thin air. There are tricks of the trade that can help you build your business credit profile the right way and get approved.First it’s important you understand what the terms/conditions of the cards are. They are lines of credit with the name of your corporation attached to them that will not reflect upon your personal credit. What you do with your money on a personal level and for your business are completely separated with the use of a business credit card. This is as it should be. In fact, utilizing a business line of credit can help you pay off personal debt and help you appear virtually “debt-free” to lenders as a result.Other than applying for the best business credit cards, it is a wise idea to learn how to attract companies to offer you unsecured lines of credit. You can accomplish this without income verification, seeing as your new business will not have any income to show yet. The game of attracting business credit card lenders is the similar as personal credit cards. If your credit score is 720, you will get many offers for a new credit card. If it is closer to 540, there will be no offers in your mailbox. By building your business credit score, you will receive more offers. You can establish good business credit the same way as personal credit-make payments on time and build positive trade lines.There are a few credible companies that you must be invited to in order to become a customer. Chase recently made such changes so only the highest credit holders can obtain the best business credit cards offered by them. However, banks like PNC, TD Bank, Wells Fargo and US Bank are still offering low APR Cards and these cards show on your business credit report (separate from your personal credit), making them the Best Business Credit Cards.PNC – PNC has 4 credit cards they offer to small businesses. Points Card, Travel Rewards Card, Visa Business (lowest APR), and the Business Options Card (your choice of 3 rewards programs).TD Bank – Has a card that is called Simply Flexible Business. The more you pay each month, the lower your APR! The other card they offer is the Easy Rewards Business (accumulates points).Wellsfargo – WellsFargo is the best option for obtaining a business credit card. This is because they have recently expanded to the east coast (of the US) and are aggresively lending. They have two options; a platinum card up to $50,000 line of credit and a Elite Card that offers credit lines up to $100,000.US Bank – offers 6 different options, ranging from Cash Rewards to points to regular platinum card with lower APR (no point accumulation).More important than ever before is structuring your company’s business credit profile correctly to get approved by banks in today’s market.

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