Don’t Throw Your Extra Reusable Bags – Try Out These Ideas!

Are you getting clueless about what to do with the piling reusable bags at home? Well, it is not uncommon to use reusable bags for different purposes rather than for just carrying grocery and going shopping. You cannot throw away perfectly fine bags just because you have lots of them. You make use of all of them just by following these ideas –

Custom Reusable Bags

Many business enterprises order promotional custom reusable shopping bags as part of their customer loyalty program. Custom Earth Promos has wide range of custom printed reusable bags which you can order in bulks at factory price. It’s an environment-friendly company based in Delray Beach, Florida, USA. For over 10 years they are providing recycled and eco-friendly products.

You can personalize the color, size and fabric texture. Promotional articles are a great way to attract customer’s attention and increase favorability.

Use It as Upside-down Hanging Planter

If you are a plant-lover, you can try making your reusable bag an upside-down planter. What you would need to do is just fill up the bag with soil and slit the bottom enough to put the plant and hang it up. Keep the plant hydrated but don’t give too much water at a time.

Replace Your Gym Duffel Bag

You don’t have to buy a new duffle bag for your gym clothes, shoes, and drink. Use one of your reusable bags. You can use them alternately while you wash the used one.

Trick or Treat

Children often find it difficult to carry plastic bags with candy when going ‘trick or treating’. The bags tear frequently. You can give your child a reusable bag instead. You can also decorate it according to the theme of the costume.

Carry Books

Books are heavy to carry and you don’t always want to go to school or college with the same backpack. Tote bags are very convenient to carry books and other items.

Going for Extra-curricular Activities?

Don’t waste extra money on buying bags for carrying things you need for your extra-curricular activities such as dance shoes, water bottle, notebooks, etc. You can select one from a plethora of reusable bags suitable for the purpose.

It’s Time for A Picnic

You can pack lunch for a picnic and add fruits and drinks together in the bag. You can carry all the necessary items in the bag and just go to a park to enjoy. Reusable bags are sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of the things stuffed inside.

Store Items That You Can’t Throw Out but Are Not In Use

There might be many items from your childhood that you don’t use but want to keep. You can store all of them in reusable bags and clean up the space at the same time.

Have Fun with Redecorating the Bag

You can even turn the reusable bag into a pillow. If you don’t like the look of the bag you can redecorate it with embroidery, stone-pasting, or frills. It’s all up to your imagination.



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