The Best Restroom Solution in a Remote Area

Hosting events can be a very challenging affair especially when it’s done in a remote area where public restroom facilities are hard to find. That is why most event organizers resort to portable potties to serve the sanitation needs of thousands of people who may want to use the restroom. Portable toilets offer great convenience in such situations and may save you the embarrassment that will come up with dealing with a multitude of people.

Many people have used these porta potties without asking themselves how they work at the end of the day. It is imperative to dispose of the waste properly to avoid any contamination whatsoever. If this is not done correctly, then you might open up a window of health hazards that come about with the unhygienic practice. So how do the porta potties work? Where does all the waste go when an event is summarized?

How They Operate

So you may wonder, “how do porta potties work?” The porta potties have bins where all the waste is deposited to be emptied later. These bins have a high capacity and can hold tons of waste. Whereas the tanks are large enough, you need to unload them before they get filled to the capacity. Otherwise, you’ll get into an overflow mess that is very unpleasant, and that should be avoided at all costs.

You need to contact a sanitation company to come and help with the disposal of the waste. On arrival, they will connect their truck tanks to the output holes of the porta potties using a hosepipe. After this, they’ll use the vacuum technology to suck up all the waste from the bins inside their track tanks. Depending on the powering mechanism, these hosepipes can suck debris from the containers fast. Once they are done emptying the porta-potties, ensure that they fill the bins with a blue chemical substance that is used to sanitize the area and fight any harmful bacteria. They’ll also spray fragrance to make the porta potties smell nice.

The next step is the disposal of the collected waste. This is the part that is essential because any slight mistake can cause unwanted health hazards. After collecting the waste, the trucks are driven to an authorized sanitation facility where the waste will be treated before being disposed of. In most instances, the company that you had contracted to collect the waste will be in some partnership with the waste treatment companies.

When hiring porta potties for an event, you should ensure that the collection and disposal process is all sorted out before the D-day. This is specifically necessary to avoid any inconveniences that may come about with improper handling of the waste at the event area. Do independent research and only pick the company that has a proven track record of handling the matter professionally without causing any environmental hazards. Porta potties can save you a lot in issues related to hygiene especially when you are dealing with a large number of people who may want to use the restroom now and then.

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