6 Expressions of Human Resources That You Should Know

The Human Resources area has taken on a greater dimension within the companies in recent years and new concepts and expressions that you surely do not know have been incorporated . For this reason the Talent Magnifier Institute Labor Community wants to help clarify some of the main concepts so that they do not sound “Chinese” the next time you listen to them. The language is something alive and for that reason, throughout the last years, there are many words that have been incorporated into the working language and that are used so frequently, that it is fundamental to know what they are exactly.

Find out below the 6 expressions most used by the area of Human Resources: 1. Human Resources : although almost everyone already knows what the Department or the Human Resources Area is, it is true that perhaps not everyone knows what they are doing apart from hiring. Its main objective is to plan, organize, coordinate and control tasks that promote the efficient development of people. In this way, strategies are implemented to help meet the individual objectives related to the work. 2. Absenteeism at work : absences, prolonged delays or the abandonment of work , not complying with the conditions established in the contract, therefore be careful with these false because they can lead to a dismissal. 3. Organizational learning : consists of creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge acquired throughout our work trajectory . Individual learning is a necessary condition, but it must be shared in a collective process so that it is at an organizational level. The value that one acquires only has value if it flows. 4. Assessment Center : it is a systematic process of evaluation of people, for their recruitment or promotion. This technique evaluates the behavior of people, and is used by companies in the search for candidates that require certain skills and competencies to cover a job.

5. Outplacement : is the set of techniques to relocate workers, which, when due to restructuring, people are disconnected and must be restrained, reoriented and reinserted into the labor market, so that their professional reputation and their reputation are not affected. family life. 6. Empowerment : in Spanish, empowerment, is to delegate and grant power and authority to people , so that they are given the feeling that they own their own work. This generates that they feel more involved to achieve organizational goals with a sense of commitment and autonomy. “At present, human resources is much more than the people who work in an organization , it goes further because it is the set of strategies designed by companies for the benefit of their workers. This is done because companies have understood that their main asset is people,

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