Larry Moskowitz – Beginner Tips for Artists for Creating Good Art  

Artists have to learn the fundamentals of sketching and painting to create good pieces of artwork. They need to practice in order to be perfect. Good artists say that when it comes to creating artwork projects. However, if you wish to embrace painting as a profession, you must ensure that you learn from your mistakes and practice painting as much as possible so that you become good with each and every project you undertake.

Larry Moskowitz – Rectifying the common mistakes beginners make when new to art and painting

Larry Moskowitz is an avid artist, traveler, and photographer who lives in New York. He also indulges in papercraft and digital art projects. He says that most beginner artists make the mistake of using the pencil on the surface too hard. The standard number that everyone knows about is the HB pencil. For beginners, they start with the 2B or the B number. This pencil will help you start the shading process. The HB pencil has graphite that is too hard for sketching.

Keeping the proportions right in the artwork right

Every new artist says that keeping the proportions right can be really hard. This is true when one is working on facial features like the eyes and head. The artist has to master proportions first to create flawless artwork. The artist should practice with the fundamentals of proportion in order to establish himself or herself in the field.

Paying attention to the background of the art

Many new artists make the mistake of focusing all of their energy on the subject. They waste a lot of time on it as well. Artists should pay attention to the background of the artwork. Some artists take formal training with experienced artists so that they can focus equally on both the subject and the background.

The use of hard lines for drawing grass and hair

Most artists who are new in the field draw very hard lines for the hair and grass. This often results in entangled messes. The lines should be used wisely used when you are drawing the lines for the grass and hair. New artists should master the skills of shading and texture when they are focusing on hair and grass lines in the artwork they create.

Larry Moskowitz says that when you decide to become an artist, never limit yourself to just the basic techniques of drawing. You should focus on your talents and imitate the work of other artists. If you take a look at his artwork projects, agents from prominent galleries and museums showcase them regularly. His work has stolen the hearts of several art lovers, and he says that all artists should follow their instincts to produce amazing pieces of work for the masses. Being creative should come from the heart, and original ideas should be produced on canvas freely without limitations. He says a good artist will always delve deep into his or her thoughts to create amazing artwork loved and appreciated by all!

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