Positives & Negatives Shaping The Global Sparkling Water Market

Carbonated water is basically liquid which has been infused with carbon dioxide gas kept under pressure. This leads to the development of a bubbly drink which is popularly known as sparkling water, soda aqua,club soda, seltzer water and even fizzy water. They usually have added salt in order to improve the taste, with seltzer water as an exception. Moreover, at times, small quantities of other minerals are also included. One must not confuse natural sparkling mineral with carbonated waters. Varieties such as Perrier and San Pellegrino are completely different as they are captured naturally straight out of a mineral spring, and tend to possess minerals as well as sulfur compounds. Also, Tonic water is another form of carbonated water which consists of a bitter compound known as quinine, merged with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. The sparkling water industry market research shows significant growth in the market due to the rising demand in several developing countries. Sparking Water Effects on Dental Health One of the prime concerns about sparkling aqua is its serious effects on teeth. This is due to the direct exposure of the enamel to the acidic content. According to one study, it was found that sparkling mineral water spoiled enamel only a little more than still aqua. Moreover, it was 100 times less harmful than a sugary soft drink. Benefits Carbonated aqua is known to benefit digestive health in a lot of ways. Let us focus on the it’s prime advantages. Improve Swallowing Ability It might sound surprising, but according to studies sparkling water might actually improve swallowing ability in the youngsters as well as older adults. As per a particular study, 16 healthy people were asked to repetitively swallow different liquids. It was revealed that, carbonated water highlighted the strongest ability to motivate the nerves responsible for the swallowing function. Increase Feelings of Fullness Sparkling water helps to manage food in the first part of the stomach for a fairly longer duration, which in turn can trigger a feeling of fullness. As per a controlled study of 19 healthy young women, the fullness scores were found out to be higher after the candidates drank 8 oz (250 ml) of soda water, in comparison to still water. It May Help Relieve Constipation People who are troubled due to constipation may find that drinking sparkling water works to relieve their symptoms. According to a two-week study covering 40 elderly people who suffered heart strokes, it was found out that average bowel movement frequency in the group that drank carbonated liquid got nearly doubled, as compared to the group which drank tap water. What else? The participants also testified 58% decline in symptoms. How to Pick the Best Sparkling Water Ranging from club soda to La Croix, there is a wide variety of fizzy water which is quite overwhelming. It is important to know that these carbonated concoctions do differ in taste as well as mouthfeel. Here are some ways to select the best through simple tricks: For a good club soda, always search for the one which is refreshing and fairly clean as well as slightly salty. Presently, there are some brands which use fancy ingredients like Himalayan sea salt as compared to more basic sodium bicarbonate. The next focus must be on the best mineral water.Some of the popular mineral-rich sparkling water brands are: Gerolsteiner, San Pellegrino,Topo Chico and Perrier. Flavor: The final and prominent criteria today is the flavor which is quite talked about in the global sparkling water market. Always analyze the different flavors before making a selection. The La Croix’s lineup of sparkling water along with Perrier’s flavors are quite famous. Demand for Sparkling Aqua Analysis show that the industry has become very popular mainly in the developed countries such the U.S. and Canada. The rise in the number of health-conscious consumers has assisted the rising demand for sparkling water. Also, a large number of consumers in developing countries like India, Indonesia and China rate sparkling water to be a substantial substitute for soft drinks. It is believed that the per capita consumption of sparkling water might surely increase till 2020.

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