How to Get Your Business to The Top of Search Result Rankings?

Most businesses owners are now turning to online mediums to market their business and why not? An overwhelming majority of people go to the Internet and exclusively Google to look for goods and services, so it would make sense for your business to be listed there in some form. One way to get your business website on page one is to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is excellent when it turns out well but it normally takes a lot of time to get your website at or near the top of search engine rankings. Not to mention, SEO generally centres on Google and as we all know, Google is prone to reforming their algorithm and rules completely and without notice. Even without the unpredictable nature of Google, there is the simple fact of competition in the market. Depending on the business, there can be hundreds of companies all contending to get their business websites to rank on top in the search results for their niche. Considering Google usually displays only ten organic search listings per page, basic mathematics suggests you’re going to have to work hard to get or have your site where it will be seen regularly. A handful, if any, Google users will go past the first two pages so if you’re ranked on page 3 or lower, you’re likely wasting your time. So what to do? If your site isn’t listed close to the top of Google, considering pay per click (PPC) as a form of paid search advertising can be a worthy and quick way to draw your target audience to your site. Here are a few reasons why: When done right, PPC results are instant. Even if your ultimate objective is organic search rankings, PPC can fill in the lead generation while you work on your Google rankings. Even for sites with top Google rankings, PPC done right will bring increased revenue. Additional earnings are always a good thing – right? PPC can give local and small businesses more online real estate, increasing the likelihood of a prospect finding their site. With PPC, you can implement precise geo-targeting so your ads appear only where you want them. Perhaps it’s time to consider doing some pay per click marketing for your business. PPC campaigns can be set up with small budgets. While smaller campaigns can be run as a DIY project, enlisting an experienced PPC company to design a campaign for you is certainly a wise move. The results will speak for themselves.

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