How to Delegate Effectively to Virtual Assistant Companies

Doing it all by yourself? That’s next to impossible! And the lesson is always learnt the hard way. Multitasking can sometimes prove dangerous to your productivity and growth of your business. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to spend our time and energy on growing your business and not the mundane tasks. This is why effective delegation becomes necessary for any business regardless of the nature of it. In fact, the art of delegation is knowing when, how and who to delegate to. However, delegating does not necessarily mean hiring a full time employee. Virtual assistant companies provide you with a dedicated assistant to perform such tasks, freeing up your time for high value tasks. Fear losing control? To delegate without micro-managing requires you find virtual assistant companies you can trust. Before hiring a virtual assistant, take a look at various reviews online of virtual assistant companies and find the best one suited for your business.

Once you find the right one from the n number of virtual assistant companies in the market, do the following steps to get ready to delegate effectively – Decide the tasks to delegate – Decide and have the tasks ready as per the assistant’s expertise. Set the process – As the name suggests, a virtual assistant works virtually for your business. Plan ahead on how to share the work documents. DropBox, Google drive, Trello and so on are a few options. Tutorials or training – Videos and documents of what to be done and how to do the task can be handy, so they can start on the work as soon as they are hired. Regular feedback – Periodical feedback and evaluating their success helps understand where they need to focus their efforts. The next step is knowing what to delegate. You can’t outsource management decisions or forecast functions. There are specific business areas that can and need to outsource: Email management – Declutter your inbox and look into mails that strictly require only your response Data entry/Accounting- Managing databases, organizing your books and managing your accounts can be taken care of Time management – Scheduling meetings, updating calendar, answering calls, and to-do lists Marketing – Market research, content management, lead management and social media marketing can be outsourced to virtual assistant companies specializing in these areas Here is a sample list of tasks you can delegate to virtual assistant companies There are virtual assistant companies that also provide assistants with specialized skills and expertise. You can use this to your advantage, or if you require them to perform tasks specific to your business, you can provide the necessary training. Here are a few other tips that will help you work together with any of the virtual assistant companies successfully –

Have clear goals, both long term and short term Communicate instructions clearly Have strict deadlines and ensure adherence Understand your assistant and use their skills to your advantage Let your virtual assistant provide ideas on improvisations Avoid micro managing but offer help where required

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